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Arranged Stones Series

This series spanned the course of 15 years and went through many phases.
Here is a selection of works from the most recent iteration of the series.
Prints of a select few of these works can be purchased here.

Spread          Unakite Spread          Spread with Stones

Reeds, Grass and Stones          Malachite, Reeds and Red Jasper

Amethyst and Reeds (Ode to Korea)          Reeds, Leaves and Picture Jasper          Carnelian Agate and Grass

Leopard Jasper Circle          Concentric Circles          Red Jasper and Hematite Circles

Blue Lace Agate and Grass          Red Jasper Circle with Grass          House of Sticks

Carnelian Agate Circle          Cascading Carnelian Agate          Tiger Eye Circle

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