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October, 2019
New Beginnings
I'm a big believer in new starts.
Whether the New Year, or the start of school, or any other excuse to start over, I love the emotional boost it gives me.
I love saying to myself, "I'm going to wipe the slate clean and start fresh."
I love knowing that what I failed at in the past isn't as important as what I achieve in the future.
The start of 2019 was a new beginning for my art business. I moved forward with a more purposeful direction for my work, as well as my marketing and sharing of it with others. 
I joined Instagram.
I revamped my website.
I've started a monthly newsletter to share my artistic journey (welcome!). 
As much as I love new beginnings, I recognize that they often come as the result of somethings else's end. I find myself at this place with my "Arranged Stones" series of watercolors being officially 'finished' (though I know better than to say I'll never make another one).
The series began while I was in graduate school in 2003. What started as an art student wandering a campus in Washington, D.C. in search of a good subject, grew into my master's thesis work and on into a series I would continue for about 15 years (shoot-am I really that old?!).

One of my favorite "Arranged Stones" works from 2010.

After I graduated with my Master's degree in painting, I had another new start--I became a mother. All the while the "Arranged Stones" series morphed and changed with me.
I pushed my technical ability and explored different rock subjects and ways of presenting them.
As my technical ability grew, the series continued and supported my artistic endeavor while moving (my family and I lived in 6 different places and 4 different countries during that time) and having a family (5 kids in about 12 years). The "Arranged Stones" series fit into my ever-changing life. I could send a painting to an exhibition and stay home, working as much as I had time to do. Over the years I also exhibited 4 solo shows in 3 foreign countries with the series and an art fair back in the States.
The work was as big or as scaled-back and manageable as I needed it to be, and could be quickly cleaned up and put safely away from little fingers.
One of the people whose little fingers
I have to protect my artwork from. 

The "Arranged Stones" series has been good to me--everything I needed--and I got really good at painting polished stones in watercolor. And that is one of the reasons I needed an artistic change. I had plateaued in my progress. In the meantime, we finally settled and built a house with a large studio space for my work. Finally, I have a door to lock away from those curious little fingers--which means I can work on larger pieces that take longer to complete--and I can oil paint again, after years of only getting out the oil paints when I had a commissioned piece to complete.

I had reached the limit of my artistic vision and technical skill with "Arranged Stones". What to do next? A whole new series. A whole new direction with a subject that is a love that I set aside years ago: 
My new work will be portraits in watercolor and oil, building several related but distinct series of work. I'm as excited as I was at the beginning of "Arranged Stones" --I can't wait to be on the road towards mastery. I'm so excited to share the journey with any of you--friends, collectors, artists--who want to come along with me.
- Erin

From the Studio

I've been working on a lot of things lately, but none is more exciting than the release of limited-edition prints of some of my most popular "Arranged Stones" paintings. I've often been asked if I sell prints, and  until now I've never released prints of any of these works. But now I've finally found the best combination of excellent printing with heavy weight, quality paper that finally makes it worth doing.
Each print will be produced in a limited-edition of 200, hand numbered and signed by me. This means that for each painting and each particular print size, I will only produce and sell 200. Ever. My work is not and never will be available to purchase from any website other than my own. You get it straight from the source without markups from print websites or galleries, shipped free anywhere in the U.S.
You will love the crisp, beautiful color in these prints, and the sharp details. They fit well in modern and traditional decor, and will surely be conversation pieces for years to come. See them HERE.
Want a chance to win one of these prints? Just stay on the mailing list for this newsletter. I'll pick a random recipient at the beginning of next month and let them pick a print. 
Want two chances to win a print? Scroll down and click on the Instagram link: follow me there, and look for the post about this giveaway. 


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